Haier unveils Pearl range


27 April 2021

Haier has launched a new range of air conditioning units which are said to offer greater protection against airborne health hazards. The Pearl units also feature self-clean technology and come with an in-built wi-fi module designed for improved flexibility and control. 

The Pearl range features Haier’s newly-certified UVC Generator which has proven to be effective in inhibiting the Covid-19 virus with a 99.998% efficiency. The UVC Generator is a small device installed on the evaporator inside the indoor unit. It generates UVC rays near the air inlet when the function is turned on which instantly inhibits the airborne hazards when the air passes through the area exposed to UVC rays, delivering healthy air to the user.

Haier HVAC Solutions European general manager Bob Cowlard said: “The Pearl range provides the ultimate comfort for your home and office, and it looks superb. Haier understands how important clean air is to our health. The Pearl range includes new market-leading technology that can protect against hazards in the air. 

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“Our healthy air functions, coupled with the standard wi-fi which connects to our hOn app, developed in Europe, ensures that this product matches our company mantra of ‘Smart Healthy Air’”.