'Greener upgrades' for manufacturing


18 October 2022

Aggreko says its latest equipment upgrades can help manufacturers to reduce emissions and protect the bottom line amid the energy crisis. 

According to Aggreko, industrial facilities rely on several different temporary power and temperature control solutions which are often oversized or poorly matched for their chosen application. This is proving not only unsustainable but also inefficient.

With stricter climate legislation and uncertainty in the market affecting firms’ ability to predict energy usage, the temporary power firm says its manufacturing customers are now in a precarious position. 

Greener Upgrades in Manufacturing is a new initiative that advises on how to meet demand via effective use of newly developed technologies, such as hybrid generators and temperature and humidity control products, which can run off alternative fuel sources.  

The Greener Manufacturing guide highlights how the current equipment necessary for cold storage and back-up power emits heavy pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other harmful particulates. However, Aggreko showcases some of the changes the industry can make via a greener upgrade, such as replacing diesel fuel with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90% and particulate matter by 86%, respectively.

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Matt Watson, sector sales manager for manufacturing at Aggreko, said: “In light of the problems the manufacturing industry is facing today, there’s a clamour for more environmentally-friendly solutions. The majority of our customers are now demanding more flexible energy solutions which meet their needs without eating into capex budgets. Greener Upgrades in Manufacturing provides a pragmatic answer to this.

“Aggreko has invested significantly into its fleet technology and product range meaning that greener hired power is one way the industry can navigate the transition to sustainable energy while protecting all-important bottom lines. We believe all suppliers need to be setting an example to industry.”

To download the full guide, click here.