Green Point pledges total support


14 May 2020
Green Point says the programme offers a combination of quality and affordability Green Point says the programme offers a combination of quality and affordability

Green Point UK, the services and support arm of compressor manufacturer BITZER, has introduced a complete programme of remanufacturing and on-site support for refrigeration and air conditioning contractors.

The programme, set out for the first time in a new Green Point brochure, includes remanufacturing of BITZER’s full range of screw and reciprocating compressors on HFC, HFO and CO2 refrigerants, and expert technical and logistics assistance at key points in the compressor service cycle.

Technical and on-site support includes:

  • Commissioning assistance following a new installation;
  • Advising on system optimisation to further improve energy efficiency and system performance;
  • Managing transport logistics and ‘lift and shift’ operations on contractors’ behalf;
  • Preventative maintenance, involving the supply of remanufactured compressors after an agreed run-time to ensure continuity of cooling to mission-critical applications.

Will Pribyl of Green Point UK

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Will Pribyl, Green Point UK’s general manager, said: “We have firmly established Green Point as the total peace-of-mind option for high quality remanufactured BITZER compressors. However, it is not widely appreciated that our expertise and close group connection with BITZER also enables us to be highly cost-effective as well. This combination – of quality and affordability – is unmatched in the market.

“While remanufacturing remains our core offer, we are building our programme of technical and logistics support for installers and contractors at the key points in the compressor service cycle. This ensures highly effective service operations and system optimisation, which over time can deliver substantial savings on maintenance and running costs.”

For a copy of the Green Point brochure , contact Will Pribyl at Green Point UK on +44 (0)1908 622125, or email [email protected]