Government Approves Ductwork Sector Apprenticeship Standards


18 September 2015
ADCAS, the ductwork industry's trade association, announced that the Government has approved its apprenticeship standards for its service and maintenance sectors.
ADCAS (the Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services) put the apprenticeship standards together with the help of the industry and its members.

In 2012, the Government took a new approach to apprenticeships with its so-called Richard Review. The review aimed to encourage employers to develop new employer standards. The initiative which came out of the review in 2014 is callled 'Trailblazers'. The aim of the Trailblazer approach is to ensure that apprenticeships in England meet the needs of the changing economy.

In the ductwork sector, ADCAS and B&ES took the lead and established the Ductwork Specialist Occupational Working Group, which is chaired by George Humphreys, managing Director of Hotchkiss Ltd and member of the ADCAS Executive.

George Humphreys said:
“The Trailblazer team that we have set up for the ductwork site apprentices is an excellent representation of the industry. We are all very passionate about training and are focused on producing an excellent set of standards that will stand us in good stead for many years.”
George Humphreys added:
“Training has always been part of the Hotchkiss culture. Currently eight of our senior managers are former apprentices, and we are just completing this year’s intake. I strongly believe in what we are doing with regard to apprentices in the ductwork sector, and it is excellent that Government is encouraging employers to take the lead.”
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