Gilberts supports police station upgrade


18 May 2021
Skelmersdale Police Station

Ventilation manufacturer Gilberts is helping Lancashire Constabulary to deliver facilities and services that are fit for purpose in line with changing laws.

Blackpool-based Gilberts has supplied more than 300 air movement and control units for the refurbishment of Skelmersdale Police Station. The project follows Gilberts’ provision of similar for one of the constabulary’s main operating centres two years ago.

The Skelmersdale refurbishment is being undertaken by Conlon Construction, supported by Pick Everard and James Mercer Group Mechanical Engineers. In addition to upgrading the façade, the interior is being remodelled and upgraded to create efficient spaces for current and future policing requirements.

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As part of its works, James Mercer has installed Gilberts’ GSFE circular swirl diffusers and GECA eggcrate grilles at all levels throughout the building, to provide dedicated supply and extract airflow. The general air movement units are complemented by Gilberts’ Firegard FG2 and FG3 high velocity ductwork smoke and fire dampers and DUC fire dampers rated to deliver up to four hours’ protection against penetration of smoke and fire, managed by some 80 control modules.

Gilberts’ GSFA circular swirl diffusers will rapidly deliver fresh air into all conditioned spaces. The omni-directional swirl effect discharge is projected horizontally for rapid entrainment and intermixing. Gilberts’ GECA eggcrate grilles extract the used air with 90 per centfree ventilation area. Gilberts’ Firegard curtain dampers feature bespoke angled locking ramps to ensure full blade closure to prevent the spread of flames through ductwork, providing a solid barrier to fire and smoke for up to four hours. Ductgard engineered smoke and fire dampers adjoin the fire barrier wall, and fully close automatically.

In addition to manufacture, Gilberts'  technical support includes Computation Fluid Dynamics modelling software and a full in-house test laboratory.