Funding boost for green energy scheme


29 May 2018
Ian Manson, Chief Executive of Clyde Gateway, left, with Lynn Mueller, CEO of SHARC International
SHARC Energy Systems has agreed a funding deal to support the construction of a district heating scheme at the Clyde Gateway regeneration project in Glasgow.
The UK green energy firm will use its wastewater heat recovery technology to generate the heating and cooling services for the site’s future occupiers, providing an initial 2mW of capacity, with room to expand further as the development grows.
Having secured Andrew Muirhead Leather as the anchor customer for its system, SHARC has been able to close the initial funding of £3.7 million, with repayable assistance from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP), supported by the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund programmes. 
The LCITP support is matched to commercial loans and investments from the Energy Saving Trust, Clyde Gateway and SHARC International (the Canadian parent company of the UK firm).

Regeneration agency Clyde Gateway is working with SHARC Energy Systems after the UK firm, based in Neward and Glasgow, demonstrated the benefits of its proprietary heating and cooling technology.

SHARC has a joint venture agreement with Scottish Water Horizons, the commercial arm of Scottish Water, enabling it to tap in to the utility’s nearby sewers.

The technology extracts the natural warmth contained within this water and transfers the heat to the clean side of the heating system via a heat exchange mechanism. The recovered heat is then amplified via heat pumps to generate the appropriate temperatures for use in all types of buildings.

SHARC provides heating and cooling to customers through a heat supply agreement. This works like that of any energy supplier, with the main advantages including no up-front costs and competive prices capped for the length of the agreement.

Additional benefits include reduced carbon emissions and protection against energy shortages as wastewater is an inexhaustible resource.

SHARC will build its specialist energy centres on the Clyde Gateway site, manned by staff who monitor and maintain all the SHARC units required to serve the site, enabling occupiers to have direct contact with their energy provider.

Russ Burton, Chief Operating Officer of SHARC Energy Systems, said: “We are delighted that we have achieved this significant milestone, enabling us to move confidently to construction over the next few weeks. It means we are now in a position to get going with the installation of our wastewater recovery systems at what is Scotland’s biggest regeneration project. It is a very exciting moment for all of the team at SHARC.
“This project will enable us to further demonstrate our contribution to the Scottish Government’s ambitious and exciting energy decarbonisation and transition strategy, aimed at developing a low carbon economy for Scotland.”
Ian Manson, the Chief Executive of Clyde Gateway, said: “We are delighted to be working with SHARC to deliver a major component of our commitment to delivering low carbon energy solutions for the benefit of our local businesses and communities.”
Paul Kerr, Head of Scottish Water Horizons said: “With low-carbon heat so high on the Scottish Government’s agenda, we are proud to be at the forefront of facilitating this innovative technology.
“Scottish Water Horizons is always actively exploring ways in which we can utilise existing Scottish Water assets to support green energy, lower customer costs and protect the environment.
“The application at Clyde Gateway is an excellent example of how we can significantly reduce carbon through a district heating network, and paves the way for more projects like this in the future.”
Anthony Kyriakides Head of Renewables at Energy Saving Trust said: “We are pleased to be supporting this innovative project in the heart of Glasgow.
“The project, part funded by the district heating loan fund that we manage on behalf of the Scottish Government will reduce carbon emissions, improve local air quality by utilising waste water heat recovery systems and support local jobs.”
Lynn Mueller, Group Chairman and CEO of SHARC International Inc, said “SHARC International Systems is extremely proud of what our UK team is achieving alongside the wider community in Scotland and we are very proud to be a part of the journey.
“The Scottish Government, Clyde Gateway, and Scottish Water Horizons are all raising the sustainability bar and building a route map for communities around the world. Scotland is clearly the world leader in its commitment to carbon reduction and making the planet more liveable for future generations.
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