Fresh start for fan certification programme


07 November 2023

Eurovent Certita Certification has launched an updated certification scheme for fans intended for use in air handling units to its portfolio of Eurovent Certified Performance programmes. 

Redevelopment of the programme started in the spring of 2023, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Eurovent Certita Certification, the Eurovent trade association, the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc, the European Air Movement and Control Association (EU AMCA) and the Asia Air Movement and Control Association (ASIA AMCA). 

Since then, Eurovent Certita Certification has been working in collaboration with the AMCA to develop an added-value fan certification programme, offering a more dynamic approach to certifying products.

The certification programme has been developed using AMCA evaluation protocols and the Eurovent Certita Certification audit process. Combining the best of AMCA and Eurovent into a certification programme, the new scheme is designed to enable manufactures to prove the performance and reliability of products, while allowing HVAC professionals to identify, specify and install products they can trust.  

Under the improved programme, products are evaluated by the AMCA according to their most-current testing and rating standards, covering aspects such as air flow rates and available pressure, with options for certifying acoustic characteristics and energy efficiency.

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Once products have achieved AMCA certification, they can apply for the Fans Eurovent Certified Performance mark by undergoing an initial admission audit. This one-day audit verifies the consistency between what is declared by manufacturers, upheld by AMCA certification, and what is produced and sold by the manufacturer, elevating certified products to a new level of validation.

In addition to this initial audit, Eurovent Certita Certification will carry out an annual audit to ensure products continue to reach certification standards.

Sylvain Courtey, President of Eurovent Certita Certification, said: “By joining together the expertise of our respective teams, we have evolved fan evaluation and validation by creating a next generation certification scheme, that will benefit not only fan and AHU manufacturers, but the whole industry internationally.”

More information is available here.