Free calibration check for refrigerant scales


08 May 2018
Wholesaler FSW has been approved by Refcom to carry out calibration checks on digital refrigerant scales across its 24-branch network.

The service is free and open to any company, with or without an account with FSW. 
As a Refcom Approved Digital Scales Calibration Check Centre, customers can take their scales to any branch and FSW staff will carry out a check. FSW does not calibrate or re-calibrate scales, it is simply a check to confirm if they are within the tolerances set out by Refcom to comply with their audit criteria.

Each branch stocks a set 3 calibrated weights, 1kg, 5kg and 20kg, and has own its own certificate of calibration for the weights. After the check, FSW will issue a copy of the certificate via email. Normally, engineers are expected to buy their own calibrated weights to carry out self certification.
FSW's Robins Green said: "We are pleased to be involved with Refcom with this joint venture and confident the new service will be welcomed by the industry. As our motto states, FSW where you need us – when you need us.''
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