Founder James Bailey to leave WAVE


04 November 2021
WAVE Refrigeration founder James Bailey

WAVE Refrigeration founder James Bailey is leaving the Yorkshire-based business in December following a successful six years and the transition to employee ownership. 

He has launched a new company, OMEGA Solutions (, which will provide a range of services including engineering and management training to help support companies achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Bailey has led WAVE in supporting its customers in the move away from HFC refrigerants to a range of low carbon technologies, including CO₂ and HFOs. Whilst driving innovation is a key objective of WAVE, he insists that his proudest accomplishments have been the success the business has had with cultivating the next generation of engineering professionals and becoming employee owned. 

He said: “The enthusiasm that our younger employees possess helped make the decision to transition to employee ownership easy. I am beyond proud of their development and many successes. Their development is also a testament to our more experienced colleagues.”

WAVE becoming employee owned coincided with the business ranking #1 of all small Investors in People accredited companies who operate in and around the construction sector. Following these milestones, Bailey started work on his first book; Culture Redefined. The book is endorsed by Investors in People and introduces stakeholder capitalism as a business management theory that has the potential to shape a fairer society whilst improving our natural environment.

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He said: “The narrative style of Culture Redefined is one of informing, reinforming and reinforcing, supporting the reader in gaining knowledge transfer. The target audience are those who are interested in the principles of stakeholder capitalism, including experienced management professionals and business owners; people with limited management experience but who have a grounding in business management theory; students who have an interest in business and management; and people interested in exploring employee ownership as a fair and equitable business operating model. Culture Redefined identifies the importance that generation Z will have in shaping a better future and the role we all have to play in improving society and the environment.”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, said: “This book highlights exactly what a great leader looks like, the challenges they must overcome, the questions they must ask themselves and what a great company looks like too. Many congratulations to James on what I am sure will be a remarkable success, just like WAVE, as well as a useful tool to many current and aspiring leaders.”

  • Independently published, Culture Redefined: A Leadership Strategy Towards Business Capitalism: A Time for Change is available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle format (£3.99) on Amazon at and, respectively.