Foster and Gamko launch virtual showroom


18 May 2021

Commercial refrigeration manufacturer Foster and drinks cooler specialist Gamko have launched a virtual showroom that allows customers to interact with their full range of products online.

The showrooms feature kitchen, bar and front of house set ups. Visitors can open doors, drawers and learn more about each product through videos and other media. 

Nicholas Bamber, European marketing director for Foster and Gamko, said: “We’re aware that being able to get to physical products either in a showroom or on a site located somewhere in the country can be difficult.

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“The convenience of being able to view and interact with photo-realistic 3D products on your desktop, tablet or mobile helps our range come alive and is a fantastic way for customers to understand how a specific unit can work for them.

“The last year has seen a change in all our working behaviours, most obvious of which is fewer face-to-face meetings, something many in the industry have indicated is likely to be a longer-term trend. Our immersive showroom has already proven to be a fantastic tool for use in online meetings, but also as a great way to enhance face-to-face meetings when they are possible with the ability to instantly demonstrate products anytime, anywhere.”