Flynn Refrigeration appointed BITZER Marine Service Partner


19 March 2024
Wolfgang Kügel, BITZER Market Sector Manager Marine & Process, with Josh Flynn, Operations Manager, Flynn Refrigeration

BITZER has appointed Wirral-based contractor Flynn Refrigeration as its authorised Marine Service Partner for the UK.

Kevin Glass, Managing Director of BITZER UK, said: "Recognition as our authorised BITZER Marine Service Partner cements more than 15 years of collaboration with Flynn Refrigeration. The company has deep experience of the specialist requirements of marine refrigeration and air conditioning, which can be challenging due to the harsh environment in which systems operate.

"We work closely with the knowledgeable team at Flynn Refrigeration to help them support their customers in the UK and across the world, to ensure time-sensitive requirements are met and critical cooling onboard vessels is kept operational."

Flynn Refrigeration, headquartered near Liverpool, was established in 2007 and today operates as part of a global network of marine cooling specialists, with partners in Cyprus, Greece and Italy.

Josh Flynn, Operations Manager, said: "It’s our job to ensure customers’ compressors and cooling systems run efficiently and reliably, and we understand the urgency vessel operators face when they don’t. Being an authorised BITZER Marine Service Partner means we have the network and resources to deliver the services they need, when and wherever required.

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"As a leading compressor manufacturer, BITZER's products are renowned for their reliability. We also value the close working relationship we have developed with the BITZER UK team, which adds value to the service we offer to customers."

Flynn Refrigeration has recently undertaken several projects using BITZER compressors. In addition, as a distributor of BITZER products, the company supplies BITZER compressors and spare parts to customers across the world on a daily basis. 

The company is a strong advocate of the principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, where appropriate, and advises customers on the use of high-quality remanufactured compressors from BITZER UK's remanufacturing and services arm, Green Point UK. 

As an authorised BITZER Marine Service Partner, Flynn Refrigeration has access to BITZER’s full range of compressors, spare parts and system components, such as heat exchangers, oil separators and controls, which often include specialist options for use in marine applications.