Firefighters home and dry with Condair


13 April 2021

Firefighters at a new training centre in Cheshire are using a Condair dehumidifier to dry out protective kit at the end of each wet training session.

The equipment for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services at Winsford was specified by building services company T Clarke for the centre’s drying room as part of the new build project.

Equipment ensuring the strict control of moisture in a drying room is essential to save firefighters’ gear from the effects of water damage after a call-out or a training exercise. It’s vital that they have access to a drying facility to prevent extensive damage and potentially significant replacement costs for the fire service.

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Condair supplied T Clarke with a Condair DC 50W wall-mounted unit that had to be in place at the centre within one day of arriving on site prior to handover to fire chiefs. This timescale proved no problem as the dehumidifier was tailor-made for the job and was easily installed by the contractor’s engineers.

T Clarke’s Project Engineer, Doug Lumb, said: “A new build project like this is really quite exciting with the scope to start from scratch. The Condair DC 50W dehumidifier was actually chosen by our designers, as it fit the bill perfectly for the environment. The unit size was based on the quantities of kit hung in the room to dry when the firefighters return to the centre at the end of their training exercises. It’s a reliable product and currently operating at the station just as expected, plus installation was really simple and didn’t take long at all, so all very good. I would definitely specify Condair dehumidifiers for future projects.” 

The unit installed by T Clarke has a dehumidifying capacity of up to 49 litres per day (@30°C/80% RH). Capacities in Condair’s wider condensing dehumidifier range from 49 to 930 litres per day with airflows of up to 8,000m³/h. They can provide dry air directly to a room or be connected to a building’s ducted ventilation system. Models are also available with an external condenser that can expel the heat generated during the drying process remotely and therefore manage temperature control as well as humidity.