Finding the answers to F-Gas III


27 March 2024

Climalife, in partnership with Honeywell, is organising a webinar on April 15 to help industry professionals get to grips with the implications of the latest F-Gas developments.

The EU's new F-Gas III regulation (Regulation (EU) 2024/573) on fluorinated greenhouse gases came into force on 11 March 2024, and action is needed across the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industries to comply with the reduction in HFC quotas and switch to refrigerants with very low GWP.

It should be noted that the webinar relates specifically to the situation in the EU and that details for GB are yet to be confirmed.

The primary aim of the webinar is to decipher the issues at stake, the quotas allocated by the European Commission for HFCs, the total bans for certain products and equipment, as well as the new restrictions and/or constraints for commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps for new installations or maintenance.

The experts taking part in this webinar will also provide an overview of the solutions available to meet market expectations today.

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The speakers are:

  • Delphine Martin - Global Marketing Manager (Climalife)
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Danet - Technical Support Manager (Climalife)
  • Mohammed Youbi Idrissi - EMEA Technical Manager for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Honeywell)

Topics on the agenda include:

  • Quotas
  • GWP (Global Warning Potential)
  • Restrictions on fixed refrigeration: what are the solutions?
  • Restrictions on air conditioning and heat pumps: what are the solutions?
  • Recycled and reclaimed products
  • Leak detection
  • Certification
  • Questions and answers

Attendees can submit questions in advance when they register.

The webinar, on Monday, April 15, runs from 8-9am UK time. To register, click here.