Fieldpiece adds new leak detectors


16 June 2021
The infrared DR82 leak detector

Fieldpiece Instruments has added two new leak detectors to its range. Both the infrared and heated diode models claim high sensitivity, multiple refrigerant detection and audible alarms, as well as a flashing lighted tip for an easy visual indicator.  

The infrared DR82EUR is said to give technicians superior sensitivity in the field - <1 gram per year. To pinpoint the leak, the user sweeps the area with the detector, resulting in the unit sensing a change in refrigerant levels so the user doesn’t have to manually change the sensitivity. Fieldpiece says the DR82EUR has the most consistent leak detection across all refrigerants, making it easy for the technician to locate the leak in any situation.

The new DR58EUR, meanwhile, has a heated diode sensor that is very sensitive to CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs, and blends, delivering sensitivity better than 1 gram per year. A USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the DR58EUR for up to 18 hours on a single charge. 

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Bas Kamermans, general manager EMEA at Fieldpiece, said: “Finding and fixing leaks on a system not only helps eliminate the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere, it is another way to make sure charge related problems are minimized between scheduled maintenance calls. We now offer the best infrared and heated diode leak detectors in the industry” 

Fieldpiece Instruments