FETA celebrates 40 years at its annual luncheon


15 April 2024

More than 600 guests gathered at The Brewery, London, to commemorate FETA's 40 years of success at its annual luncheon.

In the absence of Chair Alan Macklin, Past Chair Mark Hughes took the stage to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of those who have dedicated their time to shaping FETA and its six trade associations into the thriving entities they are today.

Looking back at the past year, Hughes highlighted the pivotal role of FETA in the field of engineering services. He underscored the importance of competency in this sector and the significant strides made by the Engineering and Building Services Skills Authority (EBSSA) in standardising and defining competencies. FETA's involvement through Actuate UK and its Training and Skills Group, which facilitates the exchange of experience and knowledge of T-Levels and Experienced Workers, has been instrumental in this progress. The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA), a member of FETA, has been actively raising engineering standards, with 165 individuals currently enrolled in their Building Energy Management Systems Controls Engineering Apprenticeship Course.

Net Zero has been a prominent topic, with the EU ratifying the latest F-Gas regulation. While the UK is yet to publish its consultation, Hughes highlighted the ongoing work by FETA, emphasising the importance of comprehending the potential impact of F-Gas regulation changes on energy efficiency and how F-Gas progress is crucial in preparing for the transition to flammable refrigerants, underscoring FETA's commitment to staying ahead of industry changes and ensuring energy efficiency.

Emphasising 'the important role low-carbon heating will play on the road to Net Zero,' Hughes welcomed the proposed Home Energy Model (HEM), replacing an ageing Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and the Future Homes & Building Standards. He also highlighted the Heat Pump Association's proposal of an interim Domestic Heat Pump Tariff Discount to balance gas and electricity prices and accelerate the uptake of heat pumps.

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