Fernox marks diamond anniversary


31 January 2024
Celebrating 60 years at Fernox

Water treatment specialist Fernox is celebrating its 60th year in 2024 and says it remains committed to environmental efficiency.

With an operational base in Woking, Fernox has evolved into a global company that applies its knowledge to local markets, providing a range of chemical water treatments and filters for both traditional and renewable heating systems. Recent examples include the TF1 Sigma HP Filter and HP-EG heat transfer fluid.

Fernox says it remains committed to training for installers and apprentices; continuing to lobby for the correct use of water treatment and implementation of industry best practice processes; and over the years has seen energy efficiency and environmental impact grow on the global and UK agenda. 

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“We are so proud to celebrate such an incredible milestone,” said Ernie McDonald, Director at Fernox. “60 years strong and we have a great future ahead, with lots of innovations in the pipeline and exciting activities to celebrate our diamond anniversary.

"Although it’s important to look back and acknowledge everything we have achieved, for the team this year, it really is all about the future – and we remain absolutely committed to the environmental efficiency agenda.”