Familiar face at Waterloo Air Products


05 October 2017
Waterloo Air Products has welcomed back Nick Beal as a Technical Sales Agent after a gap of 14 years.

Nick first joined Waterloo in 1995 and spent eight years with the experts in air terminal device manufacture. Since then, he has worked in various roles in air distribution and ventilation including a period of time spent as a consultant.
He said:  “It’s like I’ve never been away. When the opportunity to come back arose, it felt like the perfect fit. I’ve slotted straight back into it.

“Although a few things have changed, there are a lot of familiar faces around the factory, in fact I’ve known some of the sales reps for years and I know many of the products inside out.”

Nick isn’t the only member of the Beal family to enjoy a career with Waterloo. He explained: “My grandad Joe was actually one of the first sales reps. Later my dad and uncle both joined the team, I even met my wife at Waterloo!

“It’s really good to be back, I’m looking forward to using my experience and knowledge to help customers get the right air terminal devices to suit their project.”

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