Eurovent webinar on quality criteria for AHUs


09 November 2023

Eurovent will present its Industry Recommendation on the Quality Criteria for Air Handling Units in a webinar on 5 December. 

This webinar is aimed at end users, building owners, facility managers, designers, architects, commissioning engineers, contractors, installers, planners, specifiers and consultants from around the globe. The core aim is to provide an overview of features that determine highly efficient operation and correct service of AHUs. 

The webinar will address  topics such as properties of the casing and individual components, energy efficiency and controls requirements, maintainability, and the content of technical documentation. The guidelines presented in this webinar are intended to help investors, designers and end-users to assess whether the unit meets all practical expectations and requirements.

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The webinar includes expert presentations on: 

  • Guidance on the use of the Eurovent Recommendation on Quality Criteria for AHUs 
  • Good practices for accessibility, assembly, energy efficiency, durability and maintainability of AHUs 
  • What to focus on to invest well and ensure a long-life span of an AHU 

Individual presentations will be followed by a moderated Q&A session.

The webinar will be aired on 5 December at 14:30-15:15h (Brussels time). Registration is free via this link.

  • Turkish HVAC manufacturer Mikropor has joined Eurovent as a Corresponding Member. Established in 1987, Mikropor produces atmospheric air filtration solutions and compressed air treatment systems for a variety of industries.