Engineer sells house to develop revolutionary folding home


17 February 2017
folding home design development
The folding home designed by Richard Perkin
Former Star Refrigeration engineer Richard Perkin has designed and constructed a folding house, with plans to make it completely self-sufficient. 

Richard has launched his project on Kickstarter to further develop the prototype, with a view to bringing the house to market and allowing the designs to be published for DIY construction. He quit his full-time engineering job and sold his house to focus on the project. ​
Former Star Refrigeration engineer Richard Perkin
The mobile home, called the NoHA BiOS, offers plenty of living space – two up two down, with a roof garden which can be used for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. The 800 square foot structure, which costs around £16,000 to build and folds down to the size of a shipping container for easy transportation, aims to provide an independent and sustainable lifestyle, ultimately incorporating water, heating, refrigeration and food production along with waste reduction and recycling.
Mechanical engineer Richard is using his 10 years of experience as a senior refrigeration consultant for Star Technical Solutions to develop a solar-powered, off-grid atmospheric water generator unit.
He said: “Water is the first necessity for living, and not all regions of the globe having sufficient rainfall or readily available water sources. But there is sufficient moisture in the air in most places to allow what is essentially an optimised air-conditioning system to condense that moisture from the air to provide water for drinking, washing and cultivation of plants.” 
Richard added: “The NoHA BiOS is a living platform designed to challenge the norms, to redefine the idea of a house as a home... a vision to create a spacious, light and airy structure that provides the benefits of mobile living without the limitations of mobile homes, and offers the advantages of traditional static homes without the associated costs and disadvantages.”
“My aim is to make the design available to as many people as possible in both developed and developing countries so that anybody can build it for themselves at minimum costs as most of the structure is made from off the shelf materials and components.”
To view the £5,000 Kickstarter campaign and pledge your support, visit:
To find more about NoHA and the process behind the construction of the not-so-tiny folding house, go to:
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