Engineer Paul wins Brymec Press Challenge


22 February 2018
Paul Davis receives the Rothenberger tool from Selwyn McIntyre, Customer Consultant at Brymec
Refrigeration engineer Paul Davis won a £1,400 press fitting tool in the Brymec Press Challenge, a competition at the HVACR Show in London.

Paul works for JS Refrigeration which is involved mainly in commercial work, especially for pub groups including cellar cooling installation and maintenance, general refrigerator breakdowns plus air conditioning installation.
Brymec's challenge comprised a series of one-on-one competitions during the show to discover the visitor to the company's stand who was most adept at using the innovative Conex Bänninger press fitting, >B< MaxiPro, and its specialist jointing tool from Rothenberger.

Paul had never used the system before although he had heard of it through friends at college. He said: "All I have heard is good things. I think this tool is absolutely brilliant. I watched the video, and the way the joint was pressure tested and the fact that it was piping hot was amazing, so I have no doubt that it offers a proper airtight fitting.

"And the fact that you don't need hot work permits when using this system is a real plus. It typically takes a long time to get a permit and once, you've done the hot works, you have to stand there for an hour and make sure nothing ignites due to the residual heat. It's a real pain…

"Considering that I'd never used the system before, the user friendliness of the machine is absolutely spot-on; it does the job really well."

To win the competition, Paul produced the fastest crimp over the three days of the show by cutting a copper pipe, deburring it, preparing the pipe surface with a wire wool pad to and re-joining the pipe with two joints on each side.
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