Emergency cold storage from Aggreko


11 April 2019
low temperature refrigeration air conditioning temporary hire cooling cold storage
The unit is housed in a container outside the warehouse
Aggreko has launched new temporary low temperature units which it says will enable cold storage warehouses to immediately recover from breakdowns.

Delivering 100kW of design cooling capacity at -22°C air outlet temperature, the machine is a plug and play solution which is housed in a 20ft container. Aggreko says the temporary solution can ensure that stored refrigerated products are safeguarded due its 24/7 emergency response team, removing the problem and cost of moving stock.

Available as an air- or water-cooled machine, it can cool existing cold stores to temperatures as low as -40°C, helping the cold storage and logistics industry to blast freeze during peak production or in case of emergency. Interference with any cold store warehouse is minimised because the unit is installed outside, increasing safety and avoiding costly installation fees.

The units also allow for temporary cooling during planned shutdowns, allowing the operation of the cold store to continue while a fixed cooling installation is being maintained or upgraded.

Matt Watson, sales manager at Aggreko, said: “Companies who rely on cold storage warehouses face two risks: not having enough capacity during peak production and system failure. Our new unit helps increase production levels and is available to hire, avoiding expensive upgrade of the existing warehouse. It can also be delivered and installed at short notice, meaning production isn’t disrupted or damaged.”

Other features of the unit include Aggreko’s wireless temperature sensors and built-in management system, which controls the temperature of the air, even when a system is out of order.

Aggreko’s access to temporary power generators also means warehouses can be supplied with enough energy if no electricity is available from the grid.

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