Elta earns AMCA approval


03 December 2018
Ventilation manufacturer Elta Fans has gained certification from the international Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) for its laboratory and impeller range.
Following a series of standard test methods and procedures, the laboratory of Elta Fans has been accredited by AMCA International as being qualified to conduct tests in accordance with ISO 5801. In addition, the manufacturer’s Axial Fans, ranging in diameter from 315mm to 2000mm, are now licensed to bear the AMCA seal. The performance ratings include information on how the product was tested and what accessories were included during the ratings tests, allowing for the correct specification of air system components.
​AMCA International is an American-based non-commercial organisation which independently tests and certifies ventilation technology for industrial, commercial and residential markets. While AMCA isn’t always a requirement in the UK, its Certified Ratings Program (CRP) is recognised across all industrialised regions and is of particular importance in countries such as America, India, and Malaysia.
Alan Macklin, group technical director of Elta Group, said: “By working with an AMCA-approved manufacturer like ourselves, buyers, specifiers and end-users can benefit from peace of mind that our performance ratings are reliable and accurate. What’s more, it provides a great way for industry to compare the performance of manufacturers’ products via an impartial authority. 
“Customers in the Middle East, Far East and India are increasingly requesting AMCA certification which is being written into specifications. Achieving this milestone is of great importance for Elta Fans, particularly given our manufacturing facilities across four continents.”

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