Ecostar serving up energy savings


22 October 2018
refrigeration condensing unit compressor energy efficiency
The Ecostar units on site at Westgate Frozen Foods
A poultry and meat specialist has seen the efficiency of its food production facility transformed following the installation of two BITZER Ecostar condensing units.

The LHV7E/4CE-9.F3Y cooling systems, installed by Desiccant DryAir Systems Ltd of Morecombe for Westgate Frozen Foods in Lancaster, are equipped with the latest generation mini-channel condensers, high efficiency EC fans and BITZER’s latest Ecoline varispeed compressor.
The system replaced two evaporators and condensing units which had been damaged during a flood, and were struggling to cope with the -20deg C demand from the freezer plant during this summer’s heatwave.

Ecostar was chosen due to its small footprint and packaged design, which incorporates all components and controls within a fully enclosed unit, simplifying installation and minimising wiring.

Mike Woods of Desiccant DryAir Systems, who led the project, said: “Since the Ecostar units were installed, our customer has been able to meet all refrigeration requirements from a single unit, resulting in significantly lower energy bills, and giving 100% capacity in reserve to meet future expansion and peak demand. The savings, of course, will continue to accumulate over the lifetime of the plant.”

Refrigeration output is controlled by the cold-room temperature, harnessing the fine control made possible by BITZER’s inverter driven compressors. The customer reports that the new system “coped effortlessly” with the remaining two months of the peak heat-wave over the summer. 

Real-time monitoring of the units is possible using the built-in web communications system that comes as part of the Ecostar package.

Mike Woods added: “This project was a first for us with Ecostar. However, following its success, we are now quoting all relevant enquiries with Ecostar. The units give us real confidence that we can fit and forget them, and that they will perform the task as required. In addition, the technical assistance provided by BITZER – from plant sizing at the beginning right through to commissioning – was outstanding.”
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