Ecostar added to ETL


26 June 2018
BITZER’s Ecostar condensing units have been accepted onto the UK government’s Energy Technology List (ETL). The listing includes all models within the Ecostar range of air-cooled condensing units.

Acceptance onto the ETL is reserved for products that are proven to meet a minimum level of energy performance. End users gain a tax advantage on capital used to purchase ETL-listed equipment, as they can claim Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) against purchases. The scheme is part of the UK’s programme to cut energy use and reduce national carbon emissions.
Ecostar is based on high efficiency inverter-driven fans and BITZER’s Ecoline varispeed compressor, enabling cooling capacity to be matched precisely to current load, saving energy and reducing running costs. The reduction in fan and compressor speed, when permitted by the load, also results in lower noise levels.

Efficiency is further improved by the use of the latest high performance mini-channel heat exchangers on the condenser. In addition to improving heat exchange, this enables the use of a lower refrigerant charge.

Kevin Glass, Managing Director of BITZER UK, said: “Ecostar represents an important advance in energy efficient condensing units, and its acceptance onto the UK Energy Technology List reflects this. The combination of inverter-controlled fans and compressor, coupled with micro-channel heat exchanger, significantly improves energy efficiency and can result in substantial savings in running costs.

“Its listing on the ETL is a double win for end users as, in addition to benefiting from reduced cooling energy costs, they can now claim Enhanced Capital Allowances against Ecostar purchases.”
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