ECEX guide to maintenance


22 October 2018
ECEX has launched a guide to HVAC system maintenance. HVAC System Maintenance, a guide to effective equipment servicing, explains the steps to maintenance good practice, including how to draw up a maintenance policy, developing a maintenance strategy, details of different forms of maintenance and assessing maintenance needs.

It also looks briefly at air handling units and the F-Gas Regulation and how these impact on maintenance.

Other sections explain how to keep equipment clean and free from airborne debris, tips on good housekeeping, chiller maintenance and coil servicing.

John Grenville, managing director of ECEX, said: "Proper HVAC maintenance that is predictive and fit for purpose is an investment worth making, reducing costs across the board; from energy savings to avoiding expensive repairs and replacements, not to mention the damage breakdown can do to a business' reputation.

"When it comes to air handling units (AHUs), for example, there are compelling reasons to choose maintenance over replacement - just 35 to 50% of the cost of a new unit according to some estimates. AHU maintenance also offers the opportunity to enhance the existing specification by taking advantage of the latest energy efficient EC plug fans and components. This is an area in particular that we are investing as a company, with the introduction of our new contracts manager, Ryan Hawken, who has a special responsibility for AHUs."
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