Donna Hart steps up at TG Lynes


25 January 2024

Donna Hart has been promoted to Assistant Warehouse Manager at heating, plumbing and air movement materials supplier, TG Lynes.

Hart, who has been with the business for three years, remains unfazed by being the only female in the TG Lynes warehouse. She said: “Warehouses are still predominantly male environments and I think there was some apprehension when I first started. I had nine years of warehouse experience already under my belt, though, and the team soon realised I was willing and able to do everything that the men do.

“TG Lynes is a great company to work for and they’ve supported me in my growth. I enjoy the work ethic, its charity work and its commitment towards environmental responsibility.”

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Andrew Ingram, Managing Director at TG Lynes, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to reward Donna with this promotion as she continues her journey with TG Lynes. Donna has shown fantastic leadership skills and I’m confident she will flourish in this new role.”