DK delivering sweet savings for fruit firm


27 June 2023
The DK Heat Recovery tank at Dearnsdale Fruit

Yorkshire-based DK Heat Recovery says its technology is delivering saving of almost £20,000 per annum for a Staffordshire fruit business.

As the second anniversary of the installation of Dearnsdale Fruit's heat recovery system approaches, the team at DK has recalculated the savings based on the current fuel price cap as £19,596 and over 230,000 kWh per annum by harnessing waste heat from its cold store.

The recovered heat is used for showers for Dearnsdale's team of 600 and in its pack house. The savings also equate to an annual reduction of 48 tonnes of carbon.

DK Heat Recovery engineering manager, David Haughton, liaised with installer Spiral Cool on the project: He said: "The heat recovery system that we supplied was a 3000-litre storage tank with five internal heat exchangers that are capable of generating over 1800 litres of free hot water per hour.

"Unlike plate heat exchangers, the twin wall design of the heat recovery exchangers comply with EN1717, which is a requirement for all potable water use.''

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Scott Price from Spiral Cool added: "Even with the plant running at 10% and the tank without its insulation fitted, the water temperature reached 46°C."

Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, with a satellite office in Peterborough, DK Heat Recovery is the sole UK agent of DK Kaelteanlagen's heat recovery systems and is supported by a network of installers and refrigeration engineers nationwide. It was established in 2012 by Nigel Upson and David Haughton and has installed heat recovery systems for food manufacturers, supermarkets, farm shops, butchers and garden centres over the last decade.

The systems are said to be suitable for use in any business that has refrigeration plant and a requirement for hot water or space heating.

DK Heat Recovery