Developing a female-friendly industry


05 September 2019
The Institute of Refrigeration's Women in RACHP network is encouraging everyone in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector to take part in a survey designed to help create a more female-friendly industry.

As part of efforts bring more women into the industry and utilise female talent to its full potential, the network is undertaking the research in an effort to drive change. 

Anyone working in the RACHP sector can take part and all entrants completing the questions before December 1 will be added to a prize draw to win a Latitude travel charger set
The research focuses on cultural change, in order to re-brand the industry to be more female-friendly. By focusing on equal pay, a clear path of progression and a healthy work-life balance, it is expected that the survey results will play an important part in the wider goal of promoting the role of women in a male-oriented industry as well as showcasing the amazing opportunities RACHP has to offer to the next generation of female leaders.

Astrid Prado, a member of the network's steering committee, said: “Women make up 25% of all people employed in the manufacturing industry and 12% of those employed in the construction industry in the UK. Although there are no official figures in the UK, the reality of the RACHP sector is comparable to that of the US where women represent only 1.2% of the HVACR workforce.

Diversity and inclusion
"A reputation for being ‘man’s work’ is failing to attract talented women at all levels in the industry. Benefits are also failing to keep pace with the configuration and expectations of a diverse and modern workforce as we are living with the residual legacy of work packages developed decades ago for a largely male, full-time workforce. In order to drive change, we must redesign current workplace practices to accommodate the diversity of today’s workforce who want flexibility, equal opportunities, and better access to training and development.

"Let’s change this by collecting extensive data on the gender-parity gap in the RACHP industry, establishing what are the most female friendly practices that promote diversity and inclusion, and pushing improvements forward, to help encourage more women into the RACHP industry.”

The network says that feedback will be used to evaluate progress over time. Questions are based on the industry’s current business practices and will highlight what the most female friendly practices that promote diversity and inclusion are. It is open to both men and women working in all roles and from all pay grades and structures.

Anyone taking part in the survey can request a complimentary copy of the report for reference, which is a great opportunity for businesses to ensure they are able to attract and retain top talent.

To take the survey go to 
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