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11 May 2021

Innovation Zone: The EsseCI SCADR01 is a patented PTC cartridge resistor controller that reduces the energy consumption of refrigeration units by 25-30 per cent compared with traditional cartridge resistor systems used to evaporate defrost water in refrigerated counters.

This intelligent device is focused on saving energy consumption, as its adaptive capacity means it only activates based on the presence of water in the condensate pan, thus greatly reducing the energy consumption when the pan is empty. 

The SCADR01 is available in two different versions: 

  • A stand-alone space-saving controller, targeted at OEMs of PTC cartridge resistors, which can also be retrospectively installed into all types of refrigerated counters with a condensate pan using a PTC cartridge resistor
  • In an EsseCI electronic thermostat with a standard 32 x 74mm case for OEMs of refrigerated counters, which adds the function of a PTC cartridge resistor control to the standard outputs of compressor, defrost and fan, all in one device and ideal for incorporation in new OEM refrigerated counter applications.                                                        

Both versions give an immediate reduction in wasted energy, cost savings to the end user and a greater respect for the environment.

For more information on the EsseCI SCADR01 products and the complete product range, contact Interactive Components Ltd.

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