Micro solution for major retailer


10 March 2022

Secure I.T. Environments is to supply three custom designed micro data centres for one of the UK’s major retail organisations.  

The data centres will be deployed across one site and are designed to tolerate ‘hostile’ environments. The new micro data centre modules will help the retailer provide an appropriate environment for its on-premises IT services.  For added security and protection, a fire-rated modular panel room will also be built to house one of the micro data centre units.
Every Secure I.T. Environments micro data centre can be designed to meet the needs of a host of operating environments. The units for this project will not only be able to filter a range of dust and particulates from the air, but will also be able to withstand water ingress that they might experience on site, and maintain their internal environment across a wide range of external temperatures and humidity.

Each micro data centre will be 42U tall and house all of the equipment that would be expected in a traditional data centre cabinet.  Intelligent power distribution units, environmental management systems, fire suppression, UPS and cooling will all maintain the micro data centre’s up-time and allow it to manage environmental extremes.  The UPS and cooling will be in a 2N redundancy configuration, with the AC running between 3kW and 7.8kW.  Secure I.T. Environments will also provide full training to on-site staff and an on-going maintenance programme.

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Chris Wellfair, projects director at Secure I.T. Environments, said: “It is great to see our micro data centres supporting one of the UK's top retailers with its mission critical IT services.

"Micro data centres give companies new ways to overcome the challenges of expanding their data centre services, provide redundancy, and get data centre services into locations that may have limited space, planning restrictions, or be environmentally hostile.  

"With the advent of IoT and edge-based services, it has become more important than ever to get data centres in the right location at speed and a cost-effective way.”

Secure I.T. Environments