Airedale unveils SmartCool XL


09 March 2020
The SmartCool XL from Airedale International Air Conditioning The SmartCool XL from Airedale International Air Conditioning

Airedale International Air Conditioning launched the SmartCool XL at the Data Centre World Exhibition in London this week. 

Airedale’s latest IT cooling offering is a precision Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) unit developed specifically for large colocation and hyperscale data centre applications. An extension of the award-winning Smart Cool range, the XL edition has a cooling capacity of up to 500kW, giving increased benefits of economies of scale to large data centre operators.

The supersized cooling system has been adapted for the show, with see-through panels and LED lighting, giving visitors an exclusive view of the internal features including the optimised coil design, chilled water delivery system and fan enclosure. 

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SmartCool XL has been developed to meet demand for an ultra-efficient chilled water precision air conditioning system that delivers quiet and accurate climate control to hyperscale data centres across Europe. Controlling temperature, humidity and air quality, SmartCool XL is said to deliver efficient and reliable performance, essential to critical applications.

With more cooling for less space and power, SmartCool XL delivers powerful cooling, whilst allowing more space for IT equipment and contributing to low PUEs. With free-cooling capabilities when matched with an Airedale free-cooling chiller, the manufacturer says Smart Cool XL can typically offer up to 98% free cooling in most European data centre hubs. All SmartCool units come with an integrated colour touchscreen user interface, part of the Airedale intelligent helixTM controls package, to further enhance the users interaction with their SmartCool system.