Airedale study reports 44% energy saving on data centre cooling


08 August 2023

A new study by critical cooling specialist Airedale by Modine says that a 44% energy saving can be achieved in data centre cooling operations by the deployment of advanced technologies.

The study is based on a 10MW data centre in London and evidences the savings available at full and part load against a standard and recognisable data centre cooling specification, detailing the methodology, technology and assumptions applied.

The study was conducted as part of Airedale research into leveraging and evolving existing technologies to deliver meaningful energy performance improvements. Taking a standard cooling specification as a baseline, Airedale calculated energy performance of several cooling enhancements, including an increase in CRAH coil depth, chiller with enhanced free cooling technology and an cooling optimisation software package. 

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Patrick Cotton, Global Chiller Product Manager at Airedale, said: “Data centres are at a critical moment when it comes to technological advancement and environmental sustainability. As individuals who care about the planet, and engineers keen to see technology advance, it important for us to find the sweet spot where our technology is helping the industry to grow in the right way.

“These results have already generated excitement among our clients, some of whom have already deployed the enhanced technologies. Having  been verified by a team of Airedale engineers, we are keen to share the science behind them. We cannot be shy about something that can make a real impact on sustainability.”

The study has been published in the form of a white paper, with contributions from senior members of the Airedale global product team. The document explains the methodology of the study, the results and shares the science behind how they have been achieved.

The white paper is available from the Airedale website. Click here to download.