Airedale launches EasiCool Evo2


09 June 2021

Critical cooling specialist Airedale has launched the latest in its EasiCool range of precision cooling units, the EasiCool Evo2, with up to 57 per cent more cooling power than previous models.

Airedale R&D teams have worked hard to deliver improved efficiency, performance and IoT functionality, with cooling capacity of 31-98kW  and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) that is up to 25 per cent higher than the previous ranges.

Airedale says the EasiCool range is the global reference in precision cooling, with installs spanning over 3,000 applications and four continents since 2005. This latest evolution builds on the reputation for compactness and efficiency, with up to 57 per cent more cooling power than previous models.

EasiCool Evo2 also delivers more cooling kW per m2 following a complete redesign of the case layout, making it more efficient and attractive to small and medium sized data centres, computer rooms and other on-site equipment rooms, where space is at a premium and precision temperature control is essential.

EasiCool Evo2 offers various airflow configurations, with front, rear, top or base return air options, thus increasing versatility of the product. An expanded operating envelope allows return air temperatures ranging from 18°C to 40°C and ambient temperatures of -20°C to +52°C. Downflow and upflow arrangements are available on all models for maximum versatility. 

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It comes in four standard case sizes, with EC fans as standard, improved filtration options (standard filters ISO-C-75 or upgrade option is ISO -1-60)  and variable heater bank options, meaning energy and air quality efficiency is maximised. There is also an option of a low-ambient kit if required. The introduction of dual-cool functionality, alongside the standard Chilled Water (CW) or Direct Expansion (DX) cooling options, offers reassurance to the most critically temperature controlled environments. 

The existing helix controls platform has also had a complete overhaul, taking advantage of the latest IoT advancements to deliver faster start-up, improved diagnostic capabilities and better unit-to-unit networking.

Asim Ansari, pictured, export sales manager for Airedale International, said: “EasiCool is a popular unit in our export markets, especially in the Middle East where Airedale has a dedicated office in Dubai and a strong network of business partners. EasiCool has been around since 2005 and has a strong pedigree in a wide range of applications, from computer rooms and labs up to colocation data centres.  Its relatively small footprint, in comparison to other precision cooling units, makes it attractive to many of our export clients.

“Airedale always strives to stay ahead of the game and the introduction of EasiCool Evo2 has been much anticipated. Our R&D team have really delivered and I am excited to be able to offer it to new and existing clients who are looking for versatile precision cooling in a compact, efficient package.”