Dairy boosts fleet sustainability


17 October 2023

Tewkesbury-based Cotteswold Dairy has taken delivery of six new temperature-controlled trailers each fitted with a Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19, alongside 12 tractor units mounted with the company’s first Eco-Drive systems.

Attached to 13.6-metre trailers, the new mono-temperature Vector HE 19s are an upgrade to prior Carrier Transicold units. The Eco-Drive systems have been retrofitted to six of Cotteswold Dairy’s existing DAF XF tractor units with the remainder mounted to other new vehicles. With Eco-Drive installed, the company is able to power its Vector units via the tractor’s own engine, reducing operational costs while increasing fleet sustainability.

“We’ve placed our trust in Carrier Transicold for more than two decades, so we are well aware of the quality and reliability its products bring to the table,” said Ruairi Spencer, Fleet Logistics Manager, Cotteswold Dairy. “Having seen the impressive fuel economy, operating noise and performance of our four existing Vector HE 19 trailers, it was a no-brainer to specify more for the business. Adding the powerful Eco-Drive system to the fleet has also been a long-standing plan, so we’re looking forward to reaping the benefits they will deliver across our operation.”

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The Vector HE 19 combines Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive all-electric technology with a new multi-speed engine design, delivering up to 30% fuel savings when compared to the previous generation Vector 1950. Its fully hermetic scroll compressor and economiser provides a 40% increase in refrigeration capacity during pull-down and lowers the chance of refrigerant escape by 50%, all while being 3 dB(A) quieter than the legacy unit, minimising sound pollution.

With the Vector HE 19 also 19% more efficient when plugged into the electrical grid on standby, the combination of the two technologies can help to lower diesel, maintenance and electricity costs.