Daikin Faces Corroding Evaporator Coil Allegations


24 December 2015
LOS ANGELES: Daikin Applied (formerly known as McQuay International) is being sued by a woman who alleges the evaporator coils in their HVAC systems are defective. 

Joanna Park-Kim is suing Daikin Applied in a multi-million dollar class action in which she alleges that the company's evaporator coils are prone to 'formicary corrosion' which leads to microscopic holes forming in the tubing. As a result, she alleges, the coils leak refrigerant and fail to work properly.​
Park-Kim's lawsuit says that Daikin Applied selected the wrong type of alloy for their product, that their manufacturing process is incorrect and that they have filed to ensure the coils perform correctly throughout their lifetime.

Daikin has asked for the case to be taken to the federal court because the members of the class action live in different US states (there are over 100 members) and the sum being sought is over $5 million.

(The story originally appeared on the the Legal News Line website)
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