Daikin boosts oil free chiller range


24 July 2018
Daikin has added to its centrifugal oil free water-cooled inverter chiller line-up with a compact series operating with R134a and R1234ze(E) refrigerants. 

The DZ series offers up to 32% reduction in footprint if compared to the previous series and Daikin says the new chiller provides a low noise solution with dedicated compressor sound proof cabinet to ensure outstanding flexibility to match any application.
The R134a range offers a choice of cooling capacity from 320 kW up to 1,478 kW at nominal conditions, with single compressor models providing an output up to 742 kW and dual compressor models between 610 kW to 1,478 kW.

The R1234ze(E) range (EWWH-DZ) is available in cooling capacities from 230 kW up to 952 kW at nominal conditions, including single compressor models up to 478 kW and dual compressor models between 430 kW to 952 kW.

The use of R1234ze(E) offers an environmentally friendly solution, combining a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) with high energy efficiency. R-1234ze(E) is an HFO refrigerant (Hydro Fluoro Olefins). Its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is equal to zero (0) and the GWP is 7 (according to the EU F-gas Regulation based on IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report). The GWP value is less than 1 according to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.

The introduction of the new R1234ze(E) range provides a long-term solution that supports the HFC phase down schedule of the F-Gas Regulation.

Higher performance
The new DZ Series Water-Cooled Oil Free Centrifugal chiller is fitted with centrifugal compressors which utilize frictionless magnetic bearings for oil-free operation. The magnetic bearing design needs no oil management system, resulting in increased reliability and reduced maintenance. The design also incorporates integrated variable-frequency drives and high-speed direct drive technology.

Daikin says the absence of oil in the refrigerant circuit delivers higher heat exchanger performance compared to traditional oiled centrifugal chillers and a SEER score of up to 9.35 means it exceeds 2021 Ecodesign requirements by 43%.

The DZ Series includes models suitable for both high condensing operation (dry cooler application) and low condensing operation (cooling tower applications), with a range of additional options, such as the Rapid Re-Start, which allows the unit to restart after a power failure within 26 seconds following power restoration. Together with an automatic transfer switch to backup generator, the new chiller series claims a comprehensive solution for data center applications.

Enabled for operation via the Daikin On Site platform, the DZ series can be monitored remotely, with one-click access for system optimization and preventative maintenance.
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