Cutting costs with free cooling


20 September 2018
Many industrial end-users are failing to take advantage of free cooling to cut their process cooling costs, according to a new guide from ICS Cool Energy.

The guide says a combination of scepticism and a lack of awareness is limiting wider take-up.
Free Cooling: Break Free From The Cost Of Process Cooling says free cooling can cut process cooling costs by up to 80% compared to a purely electro-mechanical system, and can be applied to any industrial application with a water leaving temperature of 10°C or more.
Sales and service director Richard Metcalfe said: “With the UK’s ambient air temperature exceeding an average of 13°C in just June, July and August, free cooling can be used to significantly reduce process cooling costs for industrial end-users for up to three quarters of the year.
“While the potential savings are clear to see, industrial end-user take-up has been limited to date, due to a lack of awareness, or scepticism surrounding its ability to deliver a return on investment. However, for any application with a water leaving temperature of 10°C or more, free cooling can be used to replace traditional electro-mechanical cooling, and the majority of its associated utility costs.

“Free cooling gives end-users a tangible way to both reduce their process cooling costs and improve their environmental credentials. Given the scope of applications it can support, the guide should provide UK industrial end-users with the opportunity to make a knowledgeable and informed decision when they next review their process cooling system and energy costs.”

Hire director Russ Baker added: “One of the great things about free cooling is that businesses need only take advantage of it when it is best for them. While it can be a year-round commitment, it doesn’t have to be, with the ability to hire free cooling equipment for cooler months when it will offer a better return on investment.”
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