Creating safer working environments


28 May 2020
One of the mobile air sterilisation units on a hospital ward One of the mobile units on a hospital ward

Yorkshire air management specialist Mansfield Pollard is launching a range of sterilisation units which have been proven to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, ensuring ultra clean air in healthcare, business, school and retail environments.

The Bradford-based company is producing stand-alone mobile, ceiling and duct mounted UV (ultra-violet) air sterilisation units which remove airborne pathogens through a process known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Negotiations are taking place with the NHS and Public Health England regarding the supply of a significant number of mobile units.

Ceiling unit

Duct-mounted unit

Working in partnership with independent testing teams at the University of Bradford, University of Leeds and Public Health England, Mansfield Pollard believes its UV air sterilisation technology has the potential to support the economic recovery of the UK by creating safer working environments through ultra clean air. The test results are available to view on the Mansfield Pollard website

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Operations Director and co-owner Bryan Bentley said: “This technology has been proven to destroy bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, bringing huge benefits for the healthcare sector, which is initially our primary focus. But because of its flexibility and mobility, the UV air sterilisation units have the potential to be introduced within a range of working, educational and leisure environments. With this in mind, we are ready to quickly and safely upscale our production to satisfy the demand we expect to see.”

Overview of the duct-mounted unit

The mobile unit and ceiling unit explained

Mansfield Pollard’s two manufacturing facilities have remained fully operational throughout the crisis in order to provide essential air handling services to both the NHS and also to the data centre and telecommunications industries.

The team has designed, manufactured and installed a number of medical grade (HTM 03-01) air handling units for critical care purposes across the UK, and believes its specialist knowledge of healthcare and medical air management have proved invaluable to the NHS as part of the national effort to minimise the spread of the virus.