Coolair takes legal action over online ads


01 September 2020

Air conditioning specialists Coolair Equipment Limited is taking legal action against a company using the ‘Coolair’ name in a series of high-profile online advertisements. 

The ads, for ‘personal space air coolers’ called ‘Coolair’ began appearing in the last couple of weeks on Google, and direct visitors to an ‘official Coolair’ website.

Coolair Equipment Limited, which has offices in Manchester, Kent and the Midlands, claim the site also features a logo strikingly similar to its own. 

The Coolair Equipment Ltd logo

The logo used in the online ads

Content continues after advertisements

Managing Director Neil Gibbard said: “We are fiercely proud of our name and our reputation and we will go to whatever lengths are necessary to protect them. 

“We first became aware of this promotion when we started receiving calls from angry customers asking why they had not received the products they had paid for.

“It’s obvious why customers are assuming we’re involved. The logo being used on this ‘official coolair site’ looks very similar to ours, and as we are normally top in the search engines people are making the connection.”

Finance Director Helen Sharratt added: “After further investigation, the websites appear to belong to a company in Estonia, our lawyers have identified the individual responsible and have issued cease and desist orders. 

“If these do not have the desired effect, we will have no choice but to escalate the matter further.”

The website in question uses the URL: ‘’ and is designed to look like an independent review of the individual desktop AC units which are listed for sale at $89. It features a Coolair logo which UK Coolair Equipment Limited are unhappy about. Coolair Equipment Limited’s website is

Coolair Equipment Limited’s lawyers, Pannone Corporate LLP, have contacted the Estonian businesses by letter and email and are awaiting a response.