Cool solution for music festival bar


10 July 2024
The ICS Cool Energy container is lowered into position at the festival

A large independent brewer joined forces with temperature control specialist ICS Cool Energy to deliver a reliable cold storage solution for a recent music festival.

For four consecutive years, Camerons Brewery has played an important role in a prominent festival, setting up the main bar and keeping beer and drinks chilled for attendees. Previously, the brewery relied on cold storage vans from a different provider, which had ceased operations. As it sought new options, the company encountered difficulties with other suppliers due to restrictive hire terms and limited service areas.

“We were in a tight spot when our previous cold storage provider shut down. We quickly needed a solution that could meet our specific requirements without the complications we faced with other companies,” said Simon Ritson, brand ambassador for Camerons Brewery.


ICS Cool Energy stepped in to fill the gap by offering a cold store container tailored to the brewery’s needs. The temperature-controlled containers are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft lengths and feature proven refrigeration technology from Thermo King, a leader in transport temperature control solutions. The units can be plugged in the 360-500 Volt 50 or 60 Hz power supply to ensure cold or frozen temperatures in the container.

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Kegs and cans from Camerons Brewery chilling in the cold store container

Designed originally for global, seagoing reefer applications, ICS Cool Energy containers are equipped with features that make them suitable as static cold stores. They are washable with wash down drains, have man trapped person alarms, lighting inside emergency escape release, and conform to B.R.C. audit standards.


The cold store container provided ample space and maintained the desired temperature control, ensuring the beer was stored at the right temperature throughout the festival, with no dispensing issues. The unit's capability to handle high ambient temperatures and frequent door openings proved essential for the festival environment.

“ICS Cool Energy made the entire process easy, from delivery to collection. Everything went smoothly, and we plan to use them for future events. Their reliability was crucial for us, and it ensured our customers enjoyed their experience at the festival,” added Ritson