Cool Designs Helps Homeless and Children Keep Warm at Christmas


22 December 2015
Cool Designs kept up its Christmas charity activity this year by supporting Crisis Christmas with their own warm clothing scheme. 

Last year, the Toshiba air conditioning distributor supported the Winter Coat Amnesty last Christmas, but the organisers decided not to run it in 2015. Cool Designs was keen to help the homeless and children nevertheless. 
“We took part in last year’s collection and believe it was a great success,” said Darrel Birkett, Cool Designs managing director.

​“When we heard it would not be running this year, we contacted Crisis and said we would be happy to set up a collecting station on our premises, and deliver donations of warm clothing to them for distribution to homeless people.”
​It was not just warm clothing either. Cool Designs customers, employees and family members donated food and hygiene products. 

Last year's Children's Christmas Appeal was such a success that the air conditioning specialist wanted to extend the initiative.
“It was our first year of getting involved, and we learned some things,” says  Darrell. “This year we are working with local charity, Children North East, and they advise that most people donate toys at this time of year, and there is a need for warm clothes, food and household items. So this is our focus for this year.”
Cool Designs is working with Ethical Store to buy and distribute 'ethically produced goods' in December. Furthermore, the company works with the Homeless Society in Cheshire with donations to help out in the region.

To contribute to CDL’s Christmas charity appeal, please contact Darrell Birkett on 0191 549 6964 or email [email protected]
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