Controlled cooling boosts potato plant


13 August 2019
JD Industrial Cooling (JDI), part of the JD Cooling Group, has designed and installed a complete energy-efficient ammonia and glycol cooling system to enable potato farmer Albert Bartlett to meet the demands for its new chilled potato products. 

Supplying over 20% of the UK’s fresh potatoes and to the UK’s major retailers, Albert Bartlett has invested in its Airdrie production site as the business grows. JDI was tasked with providing a new central temperature control system for the whole process factory, including the refrigeration plant room, storage facilities and packing areas. 
JDI’s solution features a Sabroe low temperature screw compressor, three Sabroe high temperature reciprocating with a speed range of 500-1500rpm, evaporative condenser, two spiral freezers to deliver mashed potato in sealed trays, 16 glycol air coolers and three end suction glycol pumps, each with a flow rate of 242m3/hr.

Rejected heat from the drive systems in the refrigeration switch room needed to be managed, with another glycol air cooler sized at 20kW installed to ensure that a room temperature of 20°C to 25°C is maintained. 

Equipment capable of operating at very low temperatures was a key consideration of the brief as well as the hygiene associated with food production. 

JDI manging director Mark Culley said: “This was an interesting project, providing a full-service solution that meets the needs of such increased demand for chilled potato products. Committed to helping clients through all their cooling system needs, we aim to truly understand the business and work in partnership to deliver the most effective solutions.” 

In collaboration with JD Cooling Group’s other business units, the automation system consisting of two network protocols: Ethernet and Profibus, was designed and installed by JDI Controls. As JDI standard, the electrical automation system has been designed to not have a single point of failure and specific software that helps to optimise the running conditions of the complete system. 
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