Control valve guidance from BCIA


11 May 2021

The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) has released new technical guidance on control valves in HVAC systems.

The guide is intended to provide a better understanding of how control valves work and some basics on how to size and select the right valve. 

The topic of hydraulics in HVAC systems has changed considerably in recent times as affordable technology has enabled variable flow circuits and pressure independent control (PIC) valves.

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Terry Sharp, president of the BCIA, said: “We may remember that there are many things to be considered when selecting a control valve but valve design, technology and application has changed in recent times. This Guide provides some basic clarity to the novice and serves as an aide-memoir to the more experienced and will hopefully help HVAC engineers be more confident in their valve selection.” 

The BCIA’s Technical Guides are designed to help members and those in the building controls and BEMS industry work more effectively. They can be downloaded from the BCIA website.