Consider the 'earn as you learn' route says Star Refrigeration


30 August 2022

Industrial refrigeration engineering company Star Refrigeration calls for more students to consider apprenticeships as a viable alternative to a formal degree route into engineering, having produced students to go on to senior roles within the company.

Highlighting the expected growth of the industrial refrigeration market from £16.4 billion in 2021 to £21.3 billion by 2026, Star points to a flourishing industry with great career prospects on a path for young people interested in saving the planet through innovation.

Astrid Prado, head of marketing at Star Refrigeration, said: "Apprenticeships can vary from company to company. We are confident that Star offers one of the best routes into the engineering sector, an earn as you learn route with plenty of rewards and incentives along the way. Additionally, industrial cooling and heating is a very relevant industry which is constantly growing, offering apprentices a dependable career."

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Currently recruiting apprentices across London, Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire and Northamptonshire, Star's apprentices study for an NVQ at levels 2 & 3 in Industrial Refrigeration and Heating Engineering. They also have the chance to work hands-on with Star's customers, which include international companies in the pharma, cold storage, food and drink, petrochemical, banking and data centre industries.

On completion of the apprenticeship, successful apprentices are offered permanent employment within the company, which provides further opportunities for salary growth and CPD.

Charlie Porter, a recent apprentice of the programme, said: "Star combine academic learning with on-site work-based training supported by their experienced engineering teams. This was an ideal set-up for me, as both the academic qualification route offered, together with support from experienced mentors at Star, have formed the building blocks of my chosen career."

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