Conex and RLS settle patent lawsuits


05 June 2019
Conex Universal has settled patent infringement lawsuits filed against it by RLS LLC regarding its >B< MaxiPro fitting.
RLS filed a US lawsuit in January 2018, alleging that Conex infringes claims of US patents. It then filed a UK lawsuit on May 20, 2019. The patents are related to RLS’s Rapid Locking System crimp fittings. RLS alleged Conex’s >B< MaxiPro fitting is covered by claims of the patents. Conex denied infringement and alleged RLS’s patents are invalid.
RLS and Conex have now agreed to settle the dispute and to dismiss all of their claims against each other.  Without admitting liability or infringement, Conex has modified its design and, after June 30, 2019, will no longer sell the previous design accused of infringement.

Conex Bänninger has more than three decades of experience in the development and manufacture of secure flame-free press fittings featuring the three-point-press utilised in the >B< MaxiPro range.
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