Marstair extends A2L range


13 April 2021

Marstair has added to its line-up of equipment for A2L refrigerants with the launch of its A2LcabinetMatch retail condensing units.

The launch follows the arrival of the A2LsysteMatch and A2LcellarMatch and the A2LcabinetMatch is said to be engineered to deliver a 93% reduction in system refrigerant GWP.

Following recent investment in newly built R&D testing facilities at Marstair’s UK manufacturing plant, months of comprehensive testing have been completed, ensuring A2LcabinetMatch has been developed in accordance to BS EN 378: 2016 standards.

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As a result, a range of condensing units aimed at convenience and retail stores are now available, which can be mix-matched with refrigeration cabinets to suit specific store temperature requirements. The initial duty range of 2.3-6.8kW is suitable for most cabinets without doors up to 3.75m long and with doors up to 7.5m long. Larger SMC units suitable for 7.5m cabinets without doors will be available later in the year. Systems are also suitable for a variety of A2L refrigerants including R454A, R454C and R455A.

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