Scroll chiller first for R1234ze


11 October 2022

Spanish manufacturer Keyter is to use Honeywell's R1234ze HFO refrigerant in a scroll chiller for the first time.

Keyter will use Solstice ze in its new Helvetia scroll chillers for commercial building applications. With a global warming potential (GWP) of less than one, Solstice ze is designed to allow industry professionals to stay compliant with regulations while benefitting from government subsidies that are calling for reduced-impact alternatives to high GWP hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). 

The Helvetia chillers use the new Danfoss DSG scroll compressors, which have been optimised for use with Honeywell’s Solstice ze refrigerant. The adoption of these scroll compressors in Keyter’s product range is said to increase energy efficiency when compared to models using R410A or R454B, while also offering the same cooling capacity. These compressors are also available with high temperature models, making them a viable choice for heating applications. 

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“As an Andalusian-based organisation, we are located in one of the hottest areas of Europe, which enables us to test our machines under extreme circumstances,'' said Francisco Raya, sales and marketing director, Keyter. "Honeywell’s Solstice ze technology surpassed performance expectations and its environmental benefits align with global requirements and our mission to preserve the planet, making it the ideal solution.”  

Keyter is also developing a new range of air-cooled heat pumps with Solstice ze refrigerant addressing reversible systems for dedicated heating applications. Solstice ze supports this new generation model to reach higher condensing temperatures, enabling high-temperature water production of up to 90°C, while existing models only achieve water temperatures of 55°C–65°C due to their relatively low condensing temperatures. 

Honeywell says Solstice ze can increase the energy efficiency of chillers and can help lower total operating costs for customers. Scroll chiller technology using Solstice ze also supports accelerated decarbonisation of commercial buildings by eliminating the need for a fossil fuel boiler to generate hot water for heating.

“With Solstice ze, Honeywell is providing Keyter with a high-performing solution that has an ultra-low GWP satisfying the European F-Gas Regulation, supports the reduction of energy bills and can help accelerate the decarbonisation goals of commercial buildings” said Julien Soulet, vice president and general manager, Fluorine Products, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Honeywell Advanced Materials. “Honeywell’s Solstice technology is ready-now to support our customers’ innovation and drive their environmental transformations.”