Cold stores upgrade hospital food storage


07 March 2023

ICS Cool Energy has supplied two cold store units for food preparation at a hospital in the east of England.

Originally designed for global marine transport of temperature sensitive perishables, the container units can be used for planned and unplanned cold storage requirements. 

The hospital needed an upgrade as its two existing containers were reaching the end of their life and the cost of repairs was too expensive to be cost-effective. The hospital used these remote cold storage units to store food in preparation for cooking to deliver to patients around the hospital.

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ICS Cool Energy provided the hospital with two new Cold Store 20 units prepared for food storage. The delivery and installation in the desired location was smooth, with the units set to maintain temperature of -20°C.

The Cold Stores deliver high cooling capacity in combination with precise temperature control (possible from fresh to deep frozen) even in the most severe applications with high ambient temperatures, frequent door openings and long running hours. 

The units ensure a more efficient and cost-effective solution for the hospital's food storage needs, allowing the hospital to continue delivering fresh food to their patients without any disruptions or delays.