CO2: investing in the future


01 October 2019
Training provider Cool Concerns believes a further £70,000 of investment at its Tewkesbury HQ has resulted in unrivalled facilities for gaining experience of CO2 systems.

Director Stephen Benton and training centre manager Alan Snelling have now completed the installation, testing and commissioning of the R744 booster pack and CUBO2 Smart Aqua. Heavy duty castors have also been fitted to all existing F-Gas rigs so they can be moved to maximise space for the new equipment.
The booster pack comprises 11kW MT and 3kW LT running two MT evaporators and an LT coldroom. The Italian SCM Frigo supplied pack has the latest Danfoss 572 pack controller running both inverter driven and Vari Step controlled BITZER transcritical compressors, the Vari Step compressor also being Bluetooth accessible. The rig has an effective capacity to that of a small convenience store so replicates a live commercial installation. It will be used to demonstrate booster pack technology and the latest controls in order to deliver training for technicians that has a heavy emphasis on practical activities. 

Leading edge
The plant installation follows a period of significant investment in updating the R744 equipment used for training, which began in February 2018 and has since seen the decommissioning and scrapping of Cool Concerns’ first subcritical cascade system installation from 2009.

The R744 inventory at Cool Concerns 
now comprises:
  • MT / LT Booster Pack system 
  • (2 x MT evaporators and LT coldroom 
  • and controls)
  • MT CUBO2 Smart system (MT evaporator and fully networked Carel controls)
  • LT CUBO2 Smart system (LT cabinet and dual evap controls, Carel & RDM)
  • MT CUBO2 Aqua system (MT evaporator and water-cooled gas cooler)

Stephen Benton said: “The CUBO2 Aqua comprises a mobile rig cooling an MT DX R744 evaporator, rejecting its heat (currently) to a recirculated 1,000-litre coolant supply, via a pumped water circuit. Longer term plans will see the Aqua rejecting its heat to a dry cooler. 

“With the addition of the Aqua and booster pack to complement the LT and MT transcritical condensing units installed last year, we have a truly unique range of CO2 equipment in the training sector. Together with the current construction of an A2L training rig and the existing HC training equipment, we remain at the leading edge of ongoing developments in our industry.’’

Both the C14 and C15 R744 training programmes are undergoing revision to incorporate the availability of the new rigs and will be delivered immediately.

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