Clivet complete Technology and Innovation Centre


18 November 2021


Climate control specialist, Clivet has announced the opening of its new centre for technological innovation, allowing what has been suggested a quicker route to market for higher quality products expanding its range. An investment of four million euros (construction, use of technology and testing equipment) has made the centre possible and has been entirely designed by Clivet employees with more than 90 belonging to Clivets R&D team.


With its two new test rooms, Clivet can carry out an array of different tests, such as functional, performance, acoustic, vibrational, and stress tests along with ambient temperature range from -20°C up to +60°C on high capacity unit reaching 2.5 MW, even with the new low environmental impact refrigerants. In addition, customers will be able to witness the operation of their units and will be able to attend the tests either in person or online.


The new test chambers are connected: each can operate independently from the other or become a single test room (1/3 + 2/3 in terms of capacity). This new area integrates the already existing four mid and large capacity test chambers and the other eight test rooms for residential units, located in the premises of “Clivet Home”.


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New power station

To support the new laboratory, a new six MW power plant station has been built. This new station is also connected to a photovoltaic system of one MW.


Underground control room

The underground control room consists of the auxiliary units. Among them are the pumps, the 500m3 water tank that works as a thermal flywheel and the additional smaller tanks with water temperatures ranging between +4° and +50°C and whose purpose is to maintain the stability of the whole system via inverter modulation.

Furthermore, to control accurately, a brine solution is used. Its temperature can reach -30° through the system consisting of pumps, cooling towers and six refrigeration units with each pump electronically and automatically controlled.


Stefano Bellò, CEO Clivet SpA, comments: “The construction of the new Innovation Center plays a strategic role in our growth plan in Europe, as it allows us to speed up the development process of products (heat pumps from 1 to 1000 kW) and solutions that fully meet the different needs of customers, market trends, new regulations and new European drivers. Giving our customers the opportunity to attend the tests of the units purchased, physically and remotely, allows us to increase their satisfaction, which has always been at the heart of our business.”